WDJD: Jesus Ransomed Humanity


Genesis 22:1-19

Abraham could have stopped believing that this God who had called him was really different from the gods he had left in the human-sacrificing city of Ur, and obeyed no matter what, as just one god among many.

Abraham could have held onto his belief that this God was different from the gods he had left and as such God would never ask such a thing as sacrificing the son of the promise.

Either way, the promise was doomed. Or Abraham could have found the third way.

This is the one where Pastor Jenn completely loses it in the middle.


Pastor Jenn

WDJD: Jesus Fulfilled the Covenant


Genesis 15

We know Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but how did that actually work? For one thing, He fulfilled the terms of the covenant with Abraham.


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit and In Truth: Thy Kingdom Come


John 17

The greatest evil that could befall the Church–and consequently the world–is for God’s people to become disunited from the Trinity and then from each other.


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit and In Truth: What Do We Get Out of This?


John 4:35-42

Where Spirit-and-Truth worship occurs, mission and our fulfillment inevitably follow.


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit and In Truth: What God Gets Out of It


John 4:25-38

Is it possible that this story is showing us that Jesus–that God Himself–has longings deeper than His incarnate physical needs, too?


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit and in Truth: Union


John 4:16-26

“A time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth…” Finally we get to talk about what our theme verse means!
Pastor Jenn
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In Spirit & In Truth: It IS About You


John 4:10-18

God is the only one worthy of our worship… Worship benefits us because it is in our nature to worship. It is why we exist. The most true-to-ourselves, human thing we can do is worship. But, because that’s true, we are liable to worship anything

True worship? False worship? What difference does it make?


Pastor Jenn

In Spirit & In Truth: It’s Not About You


John 4:1-9

When God is so worthy, He humbles Himself to ask you for something…


Pastor Jenn


Today in Adventures in Glitchy Technology, the livestream cut out about halfway through the sermon and even though the beginning and the end were recorded, the middle third was lost. I tried to “re-preach” that part and insert it, but if there are some “idea breaks,” that, in this case, is why. Pray for us!

(Seriously. Pray for us. None of the stuff that happens every single week is anything we can ever plan for. Our tech team shows up an hour early to make sure last week’s issue doesn’t happen again…and then something else does.)

Yearning for the Yet-to-Come


Revelation 1:12-18, 21:1-5

Wait for it…


Pastor Jenn

A God Who Speaks


2 Peter 3:1-2, 14-18

Old Testament? Jesus? New Testament? How we need the Spirit and the Word to hear God’s transforming voice.


Pastor Jenn