Living for the Applause–in French

I was just telling the Pilgrimage‘s current Stepping Into the Story cohort about my tendency to long for everyone’s approval, preferably without having to do much to earn it.

Also, you may have noticed, the church I currently pastor now has a podcast of the (mostly my) sermons. I submitted the feed to apple podcasts for, well, approval, and yesterday I received it–inexplicably, in French. So happy to know my approval is now spanning language barriers.

Fortunately, I can read French. Also fortunately, if you were hoping to subscribe to the podcast and you yourself don’t know French, the podcast remains in English.


Rev Your N-Jenns

You guys. I’ve been wanting to entitle a blogpost that since about 2009. This blog didn’t even exist yet.

That was when I had this idea that I might someday be ordained as a minister of the gospel (when the title “Reverend” is conveyed), but maybe I wasn’t thinking about it particularly seriously–or concretely at least. Nevertheless, I was fully invested in the pun. (If you’re new here, my screen name everywhere has long been Jennwith2ns. “N-Jenns.” No, it’s not a stretch.)

Then I stopped thinking that that would happen, but that was okay, because instead I was becoming a chaplain and a spiritual director. It was kind of sad to give up the pun, but I had resigned myself to it.

Then suddenly, in January, I became the pastor of a small church. I’m still those other things. But guess what? On Sunday, God willing and congregational vote going well, I will be “solemnly and publicly set apart and ordained to the work of the gospel ministry” in my brand new (really old) church. Suddenly this role is way more real than I ever imagined, and I love it and respect it and am grateful for and honored by the call and the responsibility.

And also really really happy that I can finally use the pun.

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