Jenn Stories Are Back…Kind Of

I started this blog in 2011, just before I met My Paul. It began as a writer’s blog and as a place to describe my mishaps and shenanigans, as had been the blog before that. Marriage and aging and possible actual maturing happened and this blog no longer really fit with my life and what I was doing anymore.

I haven’t posted here in years, and while I have retained some of the blogging friends I had when I started this project (in fact, some of us interact pretty regularly in real time–if not real space–now, which is delightful!), I would guess that most of you and I are just obliviously passing each other by in the aether at this point.

Now I’m a founder of a small nonprofit and a pastor of a small church, and while I write spiritual formation courses and programs for the one and weekly sermons for the other, it’s not exactly the kind of writing I was thinking I was going to do when I began blogging at the Jenn stories. Until 2022, when I took an excellent writing workshop. Now I have a whole new book (not a novel this time, but still story-based) queued up and ready for representation.

But I need a more substantial platform than I currently have. Also, I miss the interactions we used to have around these parts. It might be just shy of a miracle if everyone who is still listed as following this defunct blog actually saw and read this post, but you definitely won’t if I don’t write it. So, this is me, inviting you to come back.

I’m older and by now I sure hope at least a little wiser, but you might be pleasantly surprised to find the same level of quirk, and maybe even better writing. I promise to tell you some of my own stories, as well as stories about what’s happening in the corners of the world where I do my work now, and what’s happening in my writing. Oh also? Now that I live in a bigger house (no longer on a pond, though, alas), I have room to dabble in art projects. If you subscribe to my emails, you’ll get access to a free postcard download of one of my watercolor paintings…with a story-based spiritual practice prompt you can try. Hope to see you again soon!


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