Whose Vine Is It Anyway?


Series: Storyteller #13

17 July 2022

Luke 20:1-19

Where did Jesus get His authority? A parable about authority, in which we see the people with the least legitimate authority are the most violent and controlling.


Scripture Reading: Kathleen Youngs

Message in a Basket: Rev Barbara Jernigan

Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)


Central Baptist Church is embarking on a capital campaign to restore key aspects of our historic 1860’s era building. This is partly for the historic value, but even more so we can more faithfully serve the community where God has placed us, using the resources God has given us. If you would like to participate in this good work, please visit our website, cbcsouthbridge.org, and designate your gift to “Ezra’s Purse.” Thank you.

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