Who’s My Neighbor?


Series: Storyteller #2

1 May 2022

Luke 10:25-37

Pastor Jenn was sick this weekend. So Barb preached two Messages from her Basket, and Pastor Jenn recorded her sermon from home. This communion Sunday recording is therefore longer than usual, but such good stuff–we hope you’ll listen to all of it!

Today we looked, with Jesus, at the questions, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” and “Who’s my neighbor?” (Turns out they’re related.) We discover that parables work because we’re usually all the characters, one way or another. And also, Jesus Himself is hiding somewhere in them, too.


Scripture Reading: Tom Jernigan

Message in a Basket x 2: Rev. Barbara Jernigan

Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)

What's your story?

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