This Way Up (Part 5): Am I Right orAm I Right…eous?

Matthew 27:11-14, 27-31, 38-54

How important is it to you to be right or make sure other people are doing/believing/expressing the right things? Why? What’s at stake? Is it possible that the “need to be right” is more an impulse of Empire than a way of the Kingdom? 


Scripture Reading: Bernice Rivera

Mini Message: Rev Barbara Jernigan (03:27)

Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte) (08:51)

One thought on “This Way Up (Part 5): Am I Right orAm I Right…eous?

  1. Read about a list of important adult behaviors someone shared that included

    It is more important to do the right thing
    than to be right…

    That was a light bulb moment for me
    as I used to think it was important all had
    Correct info… yet sometimes the correctness of
    Info focus ‘competes’ with the spirit of the
    Message others are trying to share…

    Links to an an acronym shared on a retreat about
    Thinking before speaking. Is what you want to say

    T. true?
    H. helpful ?
    I. Inspiring?
    N. Necessary?
    K. Kind?

    However our Trinity God May
    love, guide & provide speech🙏❤️💕💒

    Thank you for this important reflection!

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