Happily Ever After


Ruth 4

Do you want to tell the story with the happy ending, or do you want to accept God’s invitation to the story with the happily ever after?


Pastor Jenn

It Just So Happened


Ruth 3

Hesed is contagious–but a good contagious. You don’t need a mask!


Pastor Jenn

Good People in a Bad Time


Ruth 2

Based on the way this story reads, I believe that faithful, generous love in the heart of Boaz would have been generous with any foreigner because the heart of His God welcomes the foreigner. But his faithful, generous love is drawn to this particular foreigner, because he senses the same faithful, generous love in her.


Pastor Jenn


Returning to a Place You’ve Never Been Before


Ruth 1:6-22

God’s will, or desire, for each person of any gender, is to become more fully the person He created—not according to our culture, but according to His nature—which is hesed.


Pastor Jenn