What Are You Waiting For? Joy!


Isaiah 35:1-10

“On our own, we can’t make a desert into a garden. We can try to put a positive spin on our personal desert. We can try to reframe our desert. We can try to run away from the desert…None of that will bring us joy–maybe some happiness for a few seconds; maybe a few moments of self-satisfaction. But the joy of God can turn the dryness and lack and suffering of our personal Sahara into the Garden of Eden.”

Rev Jennifer A G Layte


What Are You Waiting For? Peace


Isaiah 11:1-10

What if there’s no such thing as world peace?

Rev Jennifer A G Layte

What Are You Waiting For?


Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 8:18-25

What does it take to wait well? 


Rev Jennifer A G Layte