The New English

Everyone’s all up in arms about the “new math” (which isn’t even that new anymore and seriously, if we don’t understand the new math–which I don’t–did we really understand the old?), but what about the New English.

Actually, not that new. The term “staycation” was coined in 2003 and for whatever reason it has bugged me so much that this is the first year I have ever used that term non-ironically…probably because we took one.

Now the new coinage I can’t get behind is “she shed.” She Shed? Why can’t she have a shed that’s just a shed? Why does it need to be distinguished from a shed in order for her to put whatever she wants into it? Why is this necessary.

I’d be okay with a shed, but give me at least 15 years before I start using that term…

What's your story?

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