Celebrate with Me!

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Approximately eleven years ago, my first book, Trees in the Pavement, was released to the world, courtesy of Christian Focus Publications. Today, even though the book itself has been written for almost as long, Favored One hit the websites. This time, though, Notes on Pilgrimage, the new publishing imprint of the Sanctuary at Woodville, is the publisher. You can order a copy directly from us if you contact me here. (Yes, we’re not currently set up for one-click sales, so you will actually have to interact with me, but there’s so little interpersonal contact when shopping these days, don’t you think this is better?) If you like one-click minus interpersonal, though, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the other usual suspects are also carrying it.

There are some things to be said both for and against “self-publishing” and versus traditional publishing–some of which I have said, for better or worse, many years ago on this very blog. I might regret some of what I said, but not all of it. I myself have read some self-published works which are quite dismal–but also some others that are frankly astonishingly good. I think that publishing is a pretty goal-consistent initiative for the Pilgrimage, so I hope this one won’t be our only book. It will probably help if lots of people buy and read and review and like it, too, by the way. Hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “Celebrate with Me!

  1. Congratulations Jenn!! I am grateful to have gotten a copy (or two 🙂 ? 2018? hot off your self published press 🙂 with interpersonal interaction! grateful more will be blessed by your high resolution insight into Mary’s amazing journey.

    • Thanks, Gale! You got “beta” copies—this publishing is still “self,” but more official. 😊 So glad for friends like you who believed in this book from the very beginning—and in fact, I think humanly speaking it was you who triggered the idea!

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