The New English

Everyone’s all up in arms about the “new math” (which isn’t even that new anymore and seriously, if we don’t understand the new math–which I don’t–did we really understand the old?), but what about the New English.

Actually, not that new. The term “staycation” was coined in 2003 and for whatever reason it has bugged me so much that this is the first year I have ever used that term non-ironically…probably because we took one.

Now the new coinage I can’t get behind is “she shed.” She Shed? Why can’t she have a shed that’s just a shed? Why does it need to be distinguished from a shed in order for her to put whatever she wants into it? Why is this necessary.

I’d be okay with a shed, but give me at least 15 years before I start using that term…

Grudgingly Admits That YouTube Videos Actually Help Sometimes

I’m a crank, really. Back when I started blogging (on the blog previous to this one), all our current technology was still new enough that when I started working with teens at a church back in 2008, it was actually news to me that the kids would respond to texts more readily than email… (Insert wide-eyed stare transitioning to eyeroll here.)

I can say that I’ve moved on technologically a little since then, but I still prefer blogging (even though I rarely do it anymore) to either creating or watching or listening to videos or audio files. Actually, I take that back; I really like listening to podcasts, but I usually do that while I’m driving in my car, and then I want to comment on something and I can’t because I’m driving in my car, and it’s frustrating.

All that to demonstrate that even though I’ve been using social media for a long time now and also have an online ministry for crying out loud, I can be pretty resistant to moving ahead with progress and using these tools the way I’m supposed to. So, like, sometimes I still ask people how to do stuff or where to get stuff in my status on Facebook, even though I know. I’m supposed to google it. And if I do google it, I almost never click on the instructional videos–I want to read my directions.

Except I’ve been growing garlic for many years now, and I still haven’t figured out how to braid it, in spite of the fact that I have read directions regarding said activity once or twice. Some years I just give up and tie it all up with a hair tie and call it good. Today I finally gave in and watched an instructional video. I’d say I still need some practice, but I definitely learned some actual techniques, and kind of got into it after a while…


Now That I Have Your Attention…

The Pilgrimage

…as if wanting you to buy and (gasp) even readmy book weren’t enough, I would also like to alert you to this other way I have of telling stories. Actually, I don’t even tell them. I help you to.

On Thursday, 8 August, I will be starting the fourth iteration of the personal development and spiritual formation class we offer here at the Pilgrimage, Stepping Into the Story.

Have you ever suspected there was something bigger going on than what shows up in your Facebook feed? (Or, say, your blog reader?) Have you ever wondered if you are or could be part of a bigger story?

At The Pilgrimage, we support the idea that there is a bigger Story, and that while God is the main character, He is inviting you to join Him in it. Not only that, but we’re operating with the hypothesis that, if you…

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Celebrate with Me!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.26.55 AM

Approximately eleven years ago, my first book, Trees in the Pavement, was released to the world, courtesy of Christian Focus Publications. Today, even though the book itself has been written for almost as long, Favored One hit the websites. This time, though, Notes on Pilgrimage, the new publishing imprint of the Sanctuary at Woodville, is the publisher. You can order a copy directly from us if you contact me here. (Yes, we’re not currently set up for one-click sales, so you will actually have to interact with me, but there’s so little interpersonal contact when shopping these days, don’t you think this is better?) If you like one-click minus interpersonal, though, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the other usual suspects are also carrying it.

There are some things to be said both for and against “self-publishing” and versus traditional publishing–some of which I have said, for better or worse, many years ago on this very blog. I might regret some of what I said, but not all of it. I myself have read some self-published works which are quite dismal–but also some others that are frankly astonishingly good. I think that publishing is a pretty goal-consistent initiative for the Pilgrimage, so I hope this one won’t be our only book. It will probably help if lots of people buy and read and review and like it, too, by the way. Hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear from you.





Favored One is available for pre-order!


It publishes a week from tomorrow. You should probably get on that.

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Don’t forget to come to the book launch in September, too!