I’m feeling a little nostalgic, The Readership. We used to hang out–kinda, in a virtual, internety but free-exchange-of-ideas kind of way. I don’t blog very often anywhere anymore, and I have realized that in the process of not, I have in large part lost touch with a lot of the people I was hoping to engage with at the Pilgrimage. We used to talk about stuff over here.

A friend of mine who started blogging around the time I first did says that the Blogosphere has changed and there isn’t as much community here anymore. Is that true, or did we both just lose momentum in it? If I started blogging here more regularly again, would you come back? Could we talk?

And/or, if I posted the same posts at the Pilgrimage that I post in private groups for the Pilgrimage, would you read them and engage them?



8 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. The blogosphere is different… And if we engaged with it as much as we used to, I’m sure we would find a community like what we had before. For my part, as much as I miss what I had, the reasons for my own absence remain. So it goes.

  2. Blogging is like swimming in water. There will be fellow swimmers along the way provided you keep thrashing the current. Withold your limbs and few would notice your vanishing from the surface. Just you reassure you,bI read your posts.

  3. I’m still around. I have had some life changing events that have kept me away. I will be blogging soon. And hope it is more powerful than before. I am sorry I have not been here for you and others I follow. But I am back.

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