Just When You Thought…

Actually, you probably forgot all about Jenn stories by now. This may be just as well, because although I sometimes still post little snippets on the page on Facebook, I don’t have any plans to post any more Jenn stories any time soon.

However, I did just move the-pilgrimage.org from another host over to WordPress, mostly for ease of blogging. Which must mean I plan on blogging again, at least a little bit. So far there’s just one post, so you should totally be able to catch up. Peruse, explore, enjoy. I’d love to hear from you again!


4 thoughts on “Just When You Thought…

  1. Haha—yeah, I’ve been realizing I’ve created a job for myself that involves a lot of writing…and no time to write any of it. I got sick after a conference I attended over the weekend, however, and have rescheduled all of today’s appointments, so a post or two may show up today. You never know. 😉

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