Anime Good-Byes

One of the girls in the youth group drew this amazing piece of art. Then everyone signed it. Then they had it framed.

That's a Jenn Story

(c) Rachel E. Lindfors
I might have cried when I got this. Maybe a little …

The Fashionable Nine-Year-Old also went all anime with her farewell:

That's a Jenn Story

So the question is, do any animes EXIST? And therefore, will they really miss me?

That's a Jenn Story

I think I see now …

Another favourite farewell drawing, by a lovely and artistic 10-year-old, is the one below, and with it (even though there were so many other great drawings) I conclude this post.

That's a Jenn Story

I confess–part of why I love this so much is that that female figure there is actually discernible as me. Also, the artist spells “Jenn” right–four times! And who doesn’t like having children tell you they love you?

It occurs to me that really, kids are usually better at the good-bye thing than adults.


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