For Such a Time as This

So one of the “new things” that’s been going on as I haven’t been blogging, is that I’m getting more intentional about, and feeling more called into, this process called spiritual direction–both being so directed, and offering the direction. I’m still trying to figure out how to describe what spiritual direction is, but someone has said it’s essentially sitting with someone to help them discern where God is with them in their particular life situation at any given time, and then how to move forward with Him there. Or, sometimes I imagine it to be something like “spiritual life coaching.”

Anyway, I’m not fully there yet, but I do have a wonderful spiritual accountability group on Facebook which I just opened up, and I decided maybe you might be interested, too. So here’s your invitation:


Hi Everyone!

I want to invite you to join a free online group I facilitate, where we work on our spiritual “fitness.” It seems to me that we humans are both physical AND spiritual beings, and our physical and spiritual health is interconnected. I’ve been facilitating a spiritual accountability group for the last few months. We focus on a theme each month, there are Bible readings each week day, and we all have the opportunity to question, comment, and post our own insights.

The group operates from a non-denominational Christian perspective, so it may not be for everyone, but if you’re interested in interacting specifically over Bible passages and insights, please send me a comment here, and I’ll add you to the group. So far the group has consisted of just women, but if there are any interested men, I would love to branch out into a new “mixed” group for the new year! (If you are a woman and want to join, please indicate whether you prefer to be in an all-women’s or men’s and women’s group.)

Our next theme focus begins on Monday (January 5th–tomorrow!) and is “For Such a Time as This.” We’ll be looking at the biblical story of Esther, and then looking into our own gifts and abilities and how God might want to use US for such a time as this.

What better way to kick off the New Year than by getting intentional about our relationship with God? Let me know if you want in. Either way, Happy New Year, all, and blessings to each of us as we pursue our goals!