That Time I Stopped Blogging

Memory Monday

Once upon a time I had a different blog. I went through a lot of stuff on that blog. I like to think it was a pretty good blog. But it might have kind of wiped me out. At any rate, I got kind of sick of blogging. I almost stopped blogging altogether, and then some stuff in my life shifted and I got a second wind, but it also seemed like it was time to close out that blog and start a new one.

This was the new one, but it isn’t that new anymore. I’m starting to feel about blogging the way I did at the end of that old blog. Actually, maybe “starting” is the wrong word. I suspect you’ve noticed. There have been long gaps for a long while now.

It’s not that I’m running out of stuff to write about. It’s just that when open up the dashboard, I feel so unmotivated to write any of it. I stare at the widgets on the side. I sigh. I click over to Twitter. Or even read a book. I’ve actually been reading books (not just for my coursework) lately.

I’m not saying goodbye exactly. You might know I’m something of a contrarian, and so maybe now that I’ve said I don’t feel like blogging anymore, I’ll suddenly start blogging prolifically again. But I do think (different) things in my life are shifting once more, and my hunch is that I’ll see this blog out through the end of the year, and then resurface elsewhere on the internet. It’ll probably be mostly theological. My misadventure stories aren’t as fun to write as they used to be, and most of you who are still faithfully hanging around seem to be here for Thursdays, remarkably.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, but the ending/new beginning thing feels pretty real right now, and so the only memory coming to mind worth writing about is when this happened in my bloglife before. When I figure out what’s happening next, I’ll tell you. I just wanted to let you know.

Waiting in the stillness . . . for a fish to jump. When the fish jumps, I'll tell you.

Waiting in the stillness . . . for a fish to jump. When the fish jumps, I’ll tell you.