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Theology Thursday

I was going to write a new post about Today, and/or something magnificent for my 500th post, because this is my 500th post at this blog, but I think I already said everything I needed to about 9/11/2001, three years ago. In case you missed it then, this is what I said. It’s not entirely untheological.

That's a Jenn Story

Ten years ago today, I was in another country.

I had been living in that other country for over four years by then, and I didn’t yet know that within four months I would begin to feel unequivocally that God was calling me back to this one. I thought the following year I was going to apply for dual British/American citizenship, and I was going to settle in London for the rest of my days. I was getting ready to officially change my church membership over to the church with which I had been working all that time.

On the specific day in question, my Travel Cousin was in London with me, on account of traveling. It was early afternoon and we were going to see Cymbeline at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Neither of us knew anything about Cymbeline except that it was in the Shakespeare canon, but I had promised…

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