An Unexpected Sequel to THANsgiving

Wwwednesday – Words

So apparently I couldn’t get Thansgiving out of my head, because on Saturday morning, I woke up from a dream of spelling errors. Also of community service, which I thought about a lot last week because we were doing house projects on vacation and I was wishing for my WorkCamp crew to help us out.

In the dream I, and at least one other person who’s a usual fixture in my life–like, either my Paul or someone I work with from Now Church, though I can’t remember which–had been working with a team of volunteers to accomplish some humanitarian task. At the end of it, the volunteers were so grateful to us for providing them this experience that they decided to thank us by hiring a skywriter to soar a public thank you into the sky.

“What do you want it to say?” asked the skywriter of our volunteers, as if he were decorating a cake, because surely that is how these things work.

“Awesome,” one of the volunteers decided decisively.

So up went the pilot in his little plane, and it was pretty cool to watch a word form in the sky in real life. Someone took a photo. Afterwards, though, when we looked at the photo, we noticed that something was missing.

Actually a WorkCamp photo. It seemed appropriate.

Actually a WorkCamp photo. It seemed appropriate.

“What?” said someone.

“If you read it out loud it sounds more like something else, kinda,” said someone else.

“You mean, like, ‘You’re an awesoe’?” asked a third person.

I woke up to a discussion of whether that were really what it sounded like, and if it were, was it a Freudian slip on the part of either the volunteer or the pilot? But, alas–because I woke up–I never found out.


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Sequel to THANsgiving

    • No. And yesterday when we drove to a small local airport where a local country fair opens today, to drop off my Paul’s submission to the Largest Garden Vegetable contest, and I saw a sign for flying lessons, I thought, “That is something I don’t care if I never do.”

      (Run-on sentences are BOSS.)

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