Wordy Whoops

Wwwednesday–Words. Or Work. Whatever.

Last Friday, because it was the day before vacation started and I was, as I said, getting ready for another Labor Day weekend at Youth Conference, I drove out to Camp with Oscar and poked around the closets in the Lodge to see which of the supplies we had that we need every year. We had most of them, but I have to remember to pick up a bag of tea lights.

Anyway, while I was there I decided that since our theme this year is going to be Prayer, I would make a poster on this giant roll of brown paper we have, highlighting different aspects of prayer. Prayer is, of course, far more fluid than a framework, but I think when you’re first exploring it, or teaching it, it’s helpful to have one, while acknowledging its limitations. There’s an acrostic I learned as a kid which roughly follows the trajectory of the prayer, variously known as the “Lord’s Prayer” or the “Our Father,” which Jesus used to teach His own disciples about prayer. The acrostic is as follows:





I decided to put these words in chalk on my long piece of brown paper.

I had gotten through “Adoration” and “Confession” and “Tha–” and then I remembered that in my efforts to step up my social media game for Now Church, as my job description now includes, I had downloaded an app on my new phone that takes high-speed or low-speed videos. I decided it might be cool to take a video of myself working on part of this poster, so I held the phone up in one hand and wrote with the other.

I had to do a double-take the first time I watched it, and then I spent about two hours laughing hysterically every time I thought of it.

It seems like an appropriate first YouTube submission for a word and spelling snob, to keep me humble. Oh wait. That probably still won’t happen.


5 thoughts on “Wordy Whoops

  1. At least it’s chalk. There was a commercial that showed the guy painting the Kansas City Chiefs’ end zone. He needed a snack apparently, for the team was that day known as the “Chefs.”

    • Awesome! Yeah…I didn’t erase the chalk, but it was pretty genius of me to write the word on two lines, ’cause I just turned the “s” into a “k” (I’m talented AND genius 😉 and added another “s.”

      Also, now that you mention it, *I* need a snack…

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