Hollywood of the East

Whatever Wednesday – Our Fair City

By which I don’t mean Bollywood. Not that far East.

Just when my family was beginning to suspect a member of our ranks had singlehandedly discouraged Our Fair City’s burgeoning future as a film set (a story that is not mine to tell, more’s the pity, because it’s a good one), it turns out that this guy is wandering around this week in the woods where my Paul and I went on our second hike-date:


I would credit this photo in a link, but I ripped it from my coach’s Facebook wall, and I don’t know where she got it.

Presumably this means that Ken Watanabe is also here. For some reason my high school gym teacher’s husband has accompanied these guys out there. I have yet to learn why. It is a little bizarre to me that they chose to depict a Japanese forest by filming in the middle of a New England one, but we can go with it.

I felt more compelled to go star-searching back when Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper (and Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence) were hanging out in Our Fair City proper for the filming of American Hustle–even though I didn’t–when my friend Starbecca was making them lattes and stuff. (She didn’t meet them–just their lackeys.) But I’m enamoured with the idea that more and more movies are being shot in Our Fair County. And McConaughey’s fine. Just today he rose further in my estimation when the rumour surfaced that he had visited Ocean State Job Lot. This is my Paul’s and my favourite store. We go shopping for household miscellany there on Saturdays and pretend that’s a date, too.

So . . . maybe in Mr McConaughey’s case, the draw isn’t Our Fair City and its surrounds, but my Paul’s and my Fair Date Spots. Come on, Matt. We called ’em first.


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