Dontcha Think?

Whatever Wednesday – Words

So the other day The Oatmeal (which siteI have heard of but don’t frequent–a fact I am now thinking I should probably rectify) posted an article about Irony. Then TheBro shared it with me on Facebook, which was obviously an invitation for me to think about it ever since.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m kind of relieved that The Oatmeal thinks irony is more ambiguous than pretty much anyone else I’ve ever heard pontificate about it since The Alanis Morissette Song About (or Not About) It.

The Song About (or Not About) Irony

A Song About How Alanis Morissette’s Song is Not About Irony

That song came out just before I moved to London, and circumstances later subjected me to a rant by a young Brit who spent at least half an hour denying the ability of Americans truly to understand irony. I had previously formed an opinion of this young man as self-important and obnoxious, but his comments stung nonetheless, and ever since, I have felt very insecure about whether or not I, even I, who received a B.A. in English literature and lived in England itself for over five years, really knew what irony was. I wrote a few Insecure Posts demonstrating my insecurity on my Old Blog.

Guess what? I still feel insecure about it. But, after TheBro shared that article on my wall, I suddenly had A Thought. Guess what else? I’m going to tell it to you:

Imagine if Alanis Morissette was employing the first form of irony (sarcasm) as delineated by The Oatmeal? Imagine if, for 20 years, people have been scorning her for not knowing what irony was, when really this whole time she was being sarcastic and all of the things she singingly claimed were ironic, she really knew weren’t ironic, and she was just being sarcastic and laughing at us the whole time. That’d be pretty ironic, dontcha think?

Wait. But . . . it would, though, right?


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