Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Family Friday – Back Yard, Part 3

Not only does our back yard have an abundance of flora and fauna, but also? Besides the obligatory New England substrata of boulders and slate shelf, we have a hill made out of glass.

Also rusty metal.

The Cottage was built around the Turn of the Century, by which I don’t mean the latest Turn of the Century which was also the Turn of the Millennium, but the previous Turn of the Century which still seems to me to merit the title more legitimately for some reason. Maybe because I wasn’t alive for that previous one. Anyway. The Cottage was a summer cottage, which is why it is so small, and its size (and earlier generations’ lesser regard for environmental issues) might be why some of the previous inhabitants refrained from keeping extraneous objects inside the house and instead apparently invested in a DIY, At-Home, Landfill.

Pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

When my Paul and I were dating, I quickly discovered that he had a bottle collection–all of the pieces of which he had pulled out of the section of hill down by the water. They were pretty bottles, which apparently tended to surface in the rain like worms. I thought they were maybe Really Old, but my Paul didn’t seem to think most of them were all that antique or really anything special, though we have found one or two unique ones.

It seemed like he had a lot of them already, and I don’t know what he thought, but for some reason I thought they were all “done.” I guess I didn’t realise how many bottles you could possibly dispose of in your own back yard, because a bunch more surfaced during the first year of marriage, and then last year, and this year we have decided that there wouldn’t even be a hill in that part of our back yard, if it weren’t for all the trash that was dumped there.

I feel kind of conflicted about this, because I have been opposed to littering since I was a small child. In case fancy glass bottles don’t seem to count as littering, I should probably tell you that apart from the thousands of glass and crockery shards we have to keep clearing from the pathway down to the boat, we have also found bed springs and metals screws and cans made entirely out of rust.

But on the other hand, I used to want to be an archeologist starting at about the same time, and it is really archeologically interesting back there, even if some of the stuff in the hill isn’t any older than, say, the 1960’s. 

The other week, before the 4th of July rains, the ground was so powder-dry, I could just stick my fingers underneath the first layer of dust and pull out handfuls of glass shards . . . and a couple of whole bottles.

At the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket . . . all of this in an hour and a half.

At the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket . . . all of this in an hour and a half.

For a while, my Paul was discovering old costume jewelry, which we brought out on our visit to the BroFam and gave to the kids. We made up a story about how they came to visit us and discovered buried treasure, and then we told them we really had discovered it in the ground in our back yard, but that if they ever came to visit us, they couldn’t go digging themselves because there is too much glass back there. Fortunately, maybe, the “treasure” was tarnished enough and the children young enough that it didn’t appear sufficiently tantalising for them even to want to go digging, because when we issued the prohibition, they didn’t seem particularly bothered.

So I guess the rest of the treasure is ours.

Some kind of landfill filing system? All the lids were together.

Some kind of landfill filing system? All the lids were together.

There's something steampunky about this collection, it seems to me.

There’s something steampunky about this collection, it seems to me.

Unless, of course, you were interested in my posting it in the Jenn Store. It could be arranged . . . Any takers?


8 thoughts on “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

  1. We have something similar going on next to our house. We found bottles, cans, and even part of a TV. I know the stuff wasn’t worth anything … but trying to imagine who tossed it all was fun in itself. I wonder if in 100 years, anyone will care about what I toss out.

    Oh, that’s right. I’m not a litterbug. So I’ll be forgotten.

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