Daddy Issues

The Tuesday Reblog

Turns out I have already said in this blog most of what I was planning to say on Thursday as Part 2 of last Thursday’s Part 1, and it was as follows (even though I’m still going to talk about it EVEN MORE on Thursday):

That's a Jenn Story

Sometimes I think God could stand to do a little better with His own PR. For example, why in the world did He pick “Father” as one of the main analogies for our relationship with Him? And if He was going to do that, why did He allow it to be so hard to be one? I’m not talking from experience, of course, but it seems like it must be hard to be a father–a good one, anyway–because there are so many people out there who have problems with their dads. It seems like He could have picked a metaphor that was a little less difficult to get over.

When I was a nanny down in Nannyville, shortly out of college, it seemed like all of my close female friends had issues with their dads. The issues were legitimate. Mostly they had to do with some sort of physical abuse. I could…

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