A Different Game

Family Friday

I guess I have a weird bucket list. While some people have hopes of visiting far off places or hotwiring hearses, I dream of things like going to  Drive-In Movies and going to a spouse’s work-party. I went to a work party myself once, during the six months that I was a really quite unsatisfactory paralegal’s assistant. We went to Boston and everybody except me got drunk, and one of the women who also worked for the lawyer and was usually quite pleasant, spent the whole ride back to Our Fair City drunkenly berating me and insisting that my problem was that I was too religious and just needed to get laid. She was probably not the only person who has ever thought that, but she was definitely the first person to go to such insistent lengths about it. The driver and other passenger of our vehicle, neither of whom probably had much sympathy for openly religious types, were even embarrassed for her and offended for me.

Given that, I’m not sure why I thought it would be cool to go with a Significant Other or a Husband to a work event, but I did, and on Tuesday, I did. And it was, indeed, fun!

While the rest of the world was wrapping up their football/soccer fests with the World Cup, my Paul and I went to Rhode Island, to schmooze a little with his colleagues, eat hot dogs, and watched a couple of innings of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

The glow of the setting sun illluminates the beautiful game . . . Okay, yeah, that's a bit much.

The glow of the setting sun illluminates the beautiful game . . . Okay, yeah, that’s a bit much.

How is it possible I had forgotten how much I love the PawSox? When I worked at a Rhode Island day camp in the summers in high school and college, we used to take the kids there on field trips, and then also we as a staff would go to games for fun. The first time I went, I went with a bunch of guys from the camp and brought a book, but that was because I didn’t know better. I can follow the game and cheer with the best of them, thank you very much.

Actually, in some ways, going to a PawSox game is better than seeing the actual Boston Red Sox, in spite of the “iconicness” of Fenway Park. McCoy Stadium is smaller, you can see everything better, it feels more small town–but at the same time, you know you’re seeing future greats–or current greats rehabbing. Or Victorino. Oh whoops. I mean . . . sorry, Victorino. It wasn’t your best night. Actually, I guess the whole team lost that night, but they were winning when we left, so it was still awesome.

Turns out, the Husband’s Work Event was a two-fer, even though I didn’t realise that going to a PawSox game one more time should have been on my bucket list, too. Can I make the list last longer if I put it on there one more time?


7 thoughts on “A Different Game

  1. You had me with the picture. If you’re a real baseball fan, there are few things better than a game at a nice minor league stadium. Thanks for this. Good reminder of those little things and how important they are.

    • They really are! I probably don’t count as a REAL baseball fan–I don’t really follow it–but I do enjoy the games and it’s really the only sport I enjoy just sitting and watching. It was such a perfect night weatherwise, too. It just softly whispered, “Baseball . . . “

      • Well, that’s just it and I take back my original comment. You don’t have to be a “real” baseball fan to enjoy the weather and the setting and the environment and the boys working hard to realize their dreams. Your picture captures so much of the beauty of a minor league game.

        • Well, thanks! It’s funny–I had another one that was sharper, but this one seemed a little more to capture the essence. Even though I took it on an antique iPhone that barely works anymore.

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