Our-Fair-City Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday

So I’ve decided to change Wednesday’s designation. Although Wordy Wednesday can cover a lot (like this post, which is slated to be pretty wordy), sometimes I want to write about Work, or Workouts, or Whatever, and I can’t save all of that for Saturday Snippets, partly because a lot of times they aren’t very snippety. Also because I’m kind of over Saturday Snippets. All those other things begin with W, too, just like words and writing, and Wwwwwednesday, so can we all agree that Whatever Wednesday is the new category? (Maybe someday I’ll start a separate website, the url of which is http://www.ednesday.com. I don’t know what it will be a website of, exactly, though. Whatever, I guess.)

Anyway, another thing that begins with w is Our Fair City. No, I know the words our fair city don’t begin with wbut Our Fair City does . . . never mind. This post is going to blow any kind of cover I ever had with the identification of Our Fair City, but I still plan on calling it Our Fair City going forward. So you seventeen people who read this post? You will be the only ones in the know.

Our Fair City has been getting quite a bit of celebrity love lately, and this is partly because has an airport. It also has one airline which goes to and from our airport to one other destination. Before that it had one other airline that went from here to roughly the same destination, but they left, and so between the two airlines (and before the first one), no one was using the airport–except Hollywood. I’m not sure when Tom Hanks discovered it, but it doesn’t seem to have been in time for the filming of The Terminal. However, reputedly he loves filming there–most recently filming the beginning of Captain Philips in the departures and arrivals lane. (It’s the same lane.) We watched it without knowing this ahead of time and immediately recognised the location–although we also recognised that Hanks’ Vermont accent needed a little work.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz also shot scenes there for Knight and Day, and evidently Robert Downey, Jr., was there two years ago for a film that’s coming out this year. Recently, stars have actually been making forays out of the airport premises and creating other notable works in Our Fair City and its surrounds, but I think that might be fodder for another post, although I would just like to say: ChristianBaleBradleyCooperJenniferLawrenceAmyAdamsTomHanksFrancesMcDormandJerrySeinfeldAzizAnsari. Oh and George Clooney’s character in The Monuments Men? Was based on a past director of Our Fair City’s quite notable art museum (also a movie-maker’s dream, it turns out, but like I said–another story).

And then today when I was in Boondocks, New England instead of in Our Fair City, this landed at the airport:

photo credit Sally Dunham Mansoor

photo credit Sally Dunham Mansoor

President Obama was speaking at the Commencement ceremony of a local high school. Whatever one’s politics, it’s kind of interesting/historic to have the President come to a city most people have never heard of. Our Fair City: the alt-destination of celebrities everywhere. It’s about time someone realised we were cool.

(P.S. I’m so proud of myself. I got through an entirely name-dropping post without noting how much I hate name-dropping and how I’m going to do it anyway. Well . . . almost a whole post.)


7 thoughts on “Our-Fair-City Wednesday

    • Ooo–I’ll have to look that up. Sounds fun! As for this one, shouldn’t be too hard–unless you decide to avoid all the links I conveniently added to this post. 🙂

      • Well, that would be way too easy. Every Saturday, Andrew Sullivan posts a picture taken by one of his readers. You then have until Tuesday to figure out where the picture was taken. He’s at dish.andrewsullivan.com. Most of the time the pictures are extremely difficult and it takes people hours to figure the location out. I’ve only guessed right three or four times in the past couple of years.

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