Not Dead Yet!

Memory Monday

Oh hi . . . pardon me . . . I used to blog here? Thanks for saving my spot!

Now that classes are over, finals are taken, papers submitted, course evaluations returned, the Seminary shut down, my final class enrolled in anyway, and a 2015 graduation applied for, maybe I will be able to return here time and again to keep this little site alive. I seem to remember remembering stuff on Mondays (we’re way ahead of Throwback Thursday here at the Jenn Stories), so here’s a memory–kind of.

Just before I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2008, I went to a Garlic and Arts Festival in western Massachusetts, where I bought a head of garlic, the cloves of which to plant in the garden. I think I planted it shortly after my surgery–just long enough after for me to be able to get out and about. You can imagine that by the time I got around to planting it, I was rather preoccupied with other things, so I didn’t really take care to do it properly and was kind of surprised in the spring that anything came up from it at all.

Only . . . it wasn’t much. I never harvested it because it never really seemed to grow past a certain point, and I began to call it Confused Garlic, because over the next few years it would disappear in the spring and sprout again just before the snow came . . . but it never quite died, either. When I got married, I dug it up and transferred it here, just to see what would happen. What happened was, it continued to do its quirky garlicky thing. I replanted it in a different bed once, and it is still refusing to thrive, but also refusing to die. This fact might be made more remarkable by the fact that bulbs do not do well in our soil at the best of times (this fact would make another blogpost in itself).

But last year I took my Paul to the Garlic and Arts Festival and bought some new garlic for planting. I planted it in a nice new bed, and this spring my Paul acquired some composted manure and expanded our own compost bin. He layered this mix on top, and you can imagine how delighted I was to see this:

So green! So tall!

So green! So tall!

. . . instead of this:

Thin little fronds on the countertop

Thin little fronds on the countertop

So we went to visit the BroFam last week and the garlic-seller at the festival had said that garlic should be harvested in June, and hey! We came back and it was June! So yesterday I chose a “tester” plant to harvest. It was actually one of the runtier ones, comparatively, and yet look.

It extends beyond the top of the cabinet!

It extends beyond the top of the cabinet!

So it was a little deflating when the yield of this beauteous plant was discovered to be . . .



Suddenly, even the Confused Garlic looks more like garlic than that.

I mean, you know, relatively speaking.

I mean, you know, relatively speaking.


24 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet!

    • Well, it kind of might be (at least the title applies to both!) but it takes an incisive and observant mind like yours to make that connexion. 😉

      Oh there will still be theology posts. That bit of my brain/personality doesn’t just shut off, you know.

    • Huh. I thought this post would have made it clear that I have NO idea what I’m doing in this area. 😉 You should totally go to the Garlic and Arts Festival on your travels, though. It’s rad. I think you probably need to be sure the garlic hasn’t been refrigerated at any point. Then you just break the cloves off the head, plant them about 8-12 inches apart, and see what happens. (At least . . . that’s how I do it . . . )

  1. This story sounds remarkably similar to my attempting grow onions story…although I didn’t go to the onion festival to procure my seed onions I did end up with inevitably similar results.

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