Book Trauma

Wordy Wednesday

My dreams have suddenly taken a turn for the literary–as you’ll know if you follow me on Facebook. But the night after that dream, I had a dream much more traumatic.

I don’t even remember what the problem was, but in a desperate gamble to save my books from a no-longer-remembered fate, I tried to heave my entire bookshelf across the Grand Canyon.

My bookshelf

My bookshelf


The Grand Canyon

The attempt was unsuccessful.

This is kind of funny, considering that the morning before I dreamed this, I threw out my back trying to move a piece of furniture to make room to work out in my living room. (That attempt was also unsuccessful.) And because I have never been to the Grand Canyon.

In the dream I was pretty distraught, however. The Fate Worse Than Exploding Bookshelves was surely a fate worse than exploding bookshelves, but all I could think about was my exploded bookshelf. “My books!” I wailed. “Especially The Ordinary Princess and Til We Have Faces!”

So, if your bookshelf exploded, which two books would you be the most distraught about losing?


12 thoughts on “Book Trauma

  1. I don’t like your question. Don’t get me wrong, I like it on a thought-provoking level, but I feel picking favorites would offend my other books. And then, I have favorites in several categories. I probably know my favorite Dutch books, but my English ones and my to-read pile are more complicated. I’d probably grab my Kindle, that would solve a whole lot of problems.

  2. That’s easy – “The Call Me Coach” by John Wooden, and “Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway. I think the key to tossing your book shelf across a national-park chasm is to get plenty of rotations before you release, like a hammer thrower in track and field.

    Oh, and buy more paperbacks.

  3. Now that’s a tall order (as well as a Grand Canyon) but I think I’d plump for The Complete Works of Charles Dickens–that should keep me going for reading material for a while, as well as possibly offer adequate shelter during the night if my bookshelf exploded and therefore tore up my apartment–and the other would be A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving because laughter is all we have when there’s not another book to be had in your future ever…

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