Until Next Time

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You might have noticed that I haven’t been around much, lately. I’ve been writing . . . and writing . . . and writing . . . for Seminary. Which hasn’t left me much (read any) time to write here. And then, those moments this fall when I did have time, I still had so few visitors it was just kind of demoralising. (Thank you, though, to The Readership who did stop by, like, and occasionally comment or even newly follow. Because you were here, and that means a lot.) I was getting demoralised anyway, because I do that sometimes, but then I realised that because I am also reading . . . and reading . . . and reading . . . for Seminary, I also haven’t had time to read your blogs, so it’s really not surprising that I’m completely off most people’s radar.

I’d like to think I might have a little more time for posting during, say, Christmas week, but yesterday I finished the last of my ten mini, 2-page, expository personal application papers (don’t know what that means? I finished ’em and I’m still not sure), and today I will be commencing an integrative paper (also not sure about that one) and Monday I will begin studying for an exam. Then in January, because they are closing down the Seminary and I want to get as many classes done as possible before they do, I will be taking two classes. That’s right, two. In one month.

All that to say . . . I don’t see this non-blogging, non-blog-reading trend ending any time soon. I want to take this opportunity right now to apologise for the non-reading part. I know, a couple of you think I’ve been ignoring you. It hasn’t been on purpose! I can’t wait until I get back to a more normal schedule and start interacting with you for real again. I’m not going to pretend I will be able to do that for the next couple of months, but I’m keeping you all on my “following” list so I can see what you’re up to when I get back.

As far as encountering any Jenn stories . . . I’m trying to post one- to two-sentence snippets on the Jenn story page on Facebook at least once a day, and occasionally on Twitter, but I (not so secretly anymore) kind of hate Twitter and my posts are usually just slightly too long for that format. So if you’re on Facebook, please go over there and like that page, and feel free to pester me there so I don’t miss you too much. I’ll hie myself back over here when I can, but in case that doesn’t happen before the end of the month, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . . . and whatever else you’re celebrating!

At our house, EVERYbody celebrates Christmas. Although someone should probably warn that squirrel about offering acorns . . .

At our house, EVERYbody celebrates Christmas. Although someone should probably warn that squirrel about offering acorns . . .


13 thoughts on “Until Next Time

  1. Yes the good days of seminary and the non ending reading, not including the research and paperwork that needs to get done- congrats to you for sticking it out and even keeping connected with the blog world during your studies. Be encouraged for even the few who may read your blog, you are making an impact in their world! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ahh, miss you Jenn but I will be doing the same after next week, no blogging for a little while at least, just can’t keep it up with so much to do with the family coming for Christmas. Once I set up my Facebook page I will definitely ‘like’ you and visit you there! I don’t do Twitter (yet!). I hope you get done all you need to do and don’t worry about us all here, we aren’t going anywhere. You know where you can find us!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year and see you soon 🙂 x
    PS Love the nativity scene and the squirrel – I adore squirrels 🙂

    • Thanks! Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours, too! That’s nice that you get to spend some time with them.

      And yeah, Paul brought the squirrel to the marriage. We don’t love them probably quite in the way that you do–there’s also one in our freezer . . . I’m still not sure how I feel about that!

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