How Do You Plan to Nurture Your Spiritual Formation After Seminary?

Theology Thursday
This is the final installment of a paper I wrote for my Spiritual Formation Class. For context, please see Parts One and Two and Three. And also maybe The Seminary.

“After seminary” appears to be closer, maybe, than I at first expected, so I should certainly be forming a plan by now. For most of my adult life I’ve tried to maintain a relationship with at least one mentor at any given time. Both sides of the mentoring coin are vital for spiritual formation. I hope to maintain a connection with my current two mentors in future and I also have a moderately changing but mostly consistent network of prayer partners to whom I send emails a few times a year. Even if my current mentoring relationships grow more distant, I hope to be proactive in finding both someone to mentor me and someone for me to mentor, as I am currently doing with a young woman at the church where I work.

I certainly expect and hope to maintain a regular habit of Bible reading and journaling/prayer; in fact, I trust I will grow in this area again—or possibly revert, as I used to be more disciplined about it than I find I am now. I also hope that my husband and I will be able to continue to grow together spiritually in mutual accountability, worship together, and common life.



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