Here Be Dragons

Saturday Snippets

Earlier this week, Sherri over in her Summerhouse awarded me the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I wasn’t aware dragons were particularly loyal, but I might be, and I’ve never gotten this award, so I feel honoured. I guess to accept it, I have to post the image, nominate 15 more people, and tell you seven more things you don’t already know about me. I’m not sure there are anymore of those things, but I’ll try.



The people I’m nominating for this award are, well, loyal. They come here regularly and read and comment and “like.” Some of them have been here for years. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is! Kudos, bloggers!

  1. Processing the Life
  2. Missistine
  3. Swirls & Spice
  4. Ethel & Everett Go RVing
  5. Ben’s Bitter Blog
  6. Visiting Missouri
  7. Don of All Trades
  8. The Punchy Lands
  9. Novel Conclusions
  10. Darkness, Light, and Other Unavoidable Evils
  11. Treyzguy
  12. At Koko’s Place
  13. Said Simply
  14. The Belmont Rooster
  15. Food4ThoughtFood4Life

Random Stuff About Me

  1. I don’t like sandwiches. I’ll eat them, and I usually like every ingredient in them, but I don’t like how everything gets stuck in my front teeth in one bite when I eat a sandwich. Give me the components and I’m happy.
  2. When I was a kid, my family had a little black cocker spaniel named Chippy. (It was short for Chocolate Chip.) He was stupid, and he didn’t live very long, but he was very lovable. When I first got Oscar, I called him Chippy on and off by mistake for a few weeks.
  3. Of all the people in my family, I like ice cream the least, but I do like it, and pistachio is my favourite flavour. (Almond Joy is pretty good, too.)
  4. My dental hygienist goes to my church. (She is not the same one I started going to when I broke my tooth.)
  5. When I was single, I once took Oscar on a vacation to Baie-St-Paul, Quebec.
  6. I just found out I like this paté made out of pork liver. I have never liked paté. I would not have expected to like pork liver. I’m not sure what’s come over me.
  7. My Mac is 7 years old and is held together by packing tape.

8 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons

    • It just posted today. You’re not behind at all! I’m behind in directly notifying everybody–on account of I wrote the post last night and have been away from my computer all day. I’ll be back to do that soon!

  1. Your mac is 7 years old?! That’s kind of amazing. 🙂 I think sandwiches are my favorite food (if that can count at all), though I don’t mind the separate components either.

    • Yeah, I think it’s kind of amazing, too. I really wish I could afford a replacement, but at the same time, I’m a little impressed with myself. 😉

      Yeah–I think I’ve only met one other person who doesn’t like sandwiches. You would think that would mean that I would remember who it was, but I’m ashamed to say I don’t . . .

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