Afraid to Love

The Tuesday Reblog

I usually find something with which to resonate in Helen Valentina’s poems. I guess I decided to reblog this one because it reminded me of my approach to romantic love for most of my adult life. Some of this approach may have developed from my fear of compromising principles I held dear and important, and in hindsight, I still think those principles are dear and important, but sometimes I wonder if there might have been a way to move beyond this fear and still keep them. Anyway. I present you Helen Valentina, The Readership.


I am afraid to love
This moment when it’s possible
I tremble on the precipice
And will not fall

I am afraid to care
Such sweetness does not mix with me
It has no place within my soul
It cannot call

I’m terrified of touch
To reach into the darkness here
I may find that I would disappear
I do not dare

Too petrified to kiss
I’ll let the moment pass unseen
Pretend I never noticed this
And do not care

© Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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