A Newcomer’s Review On Halloween

The Tuesday Reblog

Conveniently this year, Halloween was on a THURSDAY, so I could’ve totally theologised about it here. Inconveniently, I didn’t have time to untangle the morass of Halloween-y, theological thoughts. (Well, inconveniently for me. It might be a relief to you, I suppose.) So here’s somebody else’s (far more entertaining) Halloween-related post. Enjoy.


I have survived my first real celebration of Halloween. I never knew this would be the most complicated holiday. You’ve got your political ‘Christ in Happy Holidays’ Christmas celebrations, a Thanksgiving rid of political correctness, probably because there’s too much to correct to stay thankful, Columbus Day, also known as ‘a Monday’, Independence Day (still on the bucket list, but seems pretty straight forward to me: America on steroids), and then those days like Easter that do come with decorations, but are celebrated on a Sunday and do not really count. Out of all these, Halloween is the most complicated by far. I will present the next three arguments and the accompanying questions: decorations, costumes, candy.


The gas station around the corner had an inflatable Dracula-in-coffin that kept creeping out. Cute. One of the places we went garage saling the other week had a fake cemetery in the yard, including…

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