Remember When?

Memory Monday

Hey! Remember when I used to write blog posts over here?

Yeah. Sorry about that . . .

Basically, I’m in this period of time where, unless I get the post written and cued up a week in advance, there isn’t going to be one. And since I don’t have time the week before to write what I don’t have time to write the week of, Jenn stories have just been a little sparse lately. I’m working on it–really, I am. Meanwhile, if you want some Jenn memories, feel free to read any of the already-written portions of this blog. They’re all memories by now.


A Van Gogh I frankly don’t remember ever seeing before . . .


11 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. I understand the difficultly you’re having. It’s sometimes pretty challenging to get a post written. At least if you have more than a blog to maintain in your life…

    Have a lovely day, dear Jenn & don’t worry too much šŸ™‚

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