Tales and Stories–Shnodgrate and Napoleon

The Tuesday Reblog

The Professor over at the Punchy Lands is random and quirky and funny, and I especially liked this post today, as a woman who is learning to take herself less seriously and who has on occasion been told by perfect strangers (including the toll taker on the state highway over the weekend) to please smile because I look better that way.

The Punchy Lands!

“You see, Mr. Shnodgrate,” this professor was saying as he looked across the table at the grumpy V. Shnodgrate, “maybe you should try not to take things so seriously?”

Shnodgrate looked up. “Sometimes I wonder about you, P.VJ. If you don’t take anything seriously, how then can you possibly get on?”

“Get on with what?” I asked.

“With everything!” Shnodgrate said with a wave of his hands. “If you don’t take everything seriously, then everything won’t take you seriously.”

That got me.

Either Shnodgrate was being deep, or the professor was being dull.

“For instance,” he went on, “look at that face.” Shnodgrate shoved this picture in front of me.

Bald Eagle

“What can you tell from the eagle’s face?”

“Well…” I began unsurely. “Firstly, from his look, I suppose him a mean sort of chap–”

Shnodgrate let out a huff of disapproval and fell back into his seat.

“Something’s clearly wrong…

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