Shout Out

Saturday Snippets

Hey crazy kids (a.k.a The Readership)–I love you. I haven’t written anything here since Monday and you’re still stopping by. Bless you, my friends.

This helps, in the aftermath of something I will be writing about after I have figured out how to write about it. Fear not–my Paul and I are fine. My health, it turns out, thank God, is fine. But I myself am a smidge disgruntled about Other Things, you could say. The ones about which I’m still figuring out how to write.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to a visit from The BroFam this week, and to taking my last few days of vacation for the year, and to quaffing a Michigan beer right this second. I will probably take next week off from blogging entirely, and hopefully get back to it (and you) at the other end. But you know. If you wanna keep stopping by, there’s really a lot of reading material here. Also, I used to have this other blog. There will be a quiz at the end of next week . . .



11 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. So glad that your health is fine Jenn, phew! Have a super time with your BroFam, enjoy your beer and hope you start to feel a bit less ‘miffed’ as they say here in good old Blighty 🙂

  2. Sigh when things don’t go our way or throws up things that we hadn’t planned on thinking about . But I’m enjoying your blog with its survival humor just the same

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