This Place Rocks!

Wordy Wednesday

So, as I said, my Paul and I took our belated Labor Day holiday last weekend. Apparently it’s becoming tradition (if twice counts as tradition) to go to a remote part of New England with the dogs for a few days, and hike. My Paul has a colleague who owns a little cabin up in the Middle-of-Nowhere, New Hampshire, and he offered us to stay in it if we ever wanted to get away. Did we ever want to get away. And because I am in seminary full-time and Alicia has now started college as well, a free stay in a rustic cabin sounded like a great plan. In any case, as we both kept telling each other, “It’s better than a tent!” Which is what we would have been staying in otherwise.

Better than a tent.

Better than a tent.

It was actually kind of cute–although some elements of camping were still there, like trying to make a bonfire out of completely soaked wood, or trying to wash dishes in a bathroom sink (they’re doing some work on the house and the kitchen sink is currently disconnected). Also, we were completely bereft of internet. It was awesome. We went on two hikes and a long walk over the course of our three-ish days there, and both we and the dogs were happy.


Let it be known that the Middle-of-Nowhere, New Hampshire, makes the town I refer to as Boondocks, New England, seem like a thriving metropolis. My Paul says it makes it seem like the Bronx. He is not wrong. Also, They weren’t messing around when They nicknamed New Hampshire The Granite State.



Also, granite.

Also, granite.

Oh, did I mention granite?

Oh, did I mention granite?

After a while, you just start to take it for granite.

After a while, you just start to take it for granite.

Oh yeah. I went there.


For more funny wordness, can any of you see why this sign, in a town we drove through on the way home, made my Paul and me laugh our heads off?



For more of what we saw, feel free to browse.


31 thoughts on “This Place Rocks!

  1. Better than a tent ;-), so desperate for a larger population (kidding) seeing people in trees getting pedicures, you really did need a vacation 😉 So how did you start a bonfire with wet wood? One wet camp trip we used your ‘writing birch paper’ as starter for what became a successful fire, then used to dry out other wood…and our socks 😉

    • Paul scrounged paper the first night. The next day we forayed to ‘civilisation’ and bought some of those starter logs made of recycled compressed cardboard. Those things are great!

      As for seeing people in trees? I’ve been seeing that since I was a kid. No Vacation’s good enough to counteract that!

  2. I forgot to ask about the Wellness Festival Rotary sign (Monodnock ‘Rocks’ too??) Having a ‘duh’ moment – haven’f finished my 1st cup of coffee 😉 …People Pets Soup?

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  5. Holy Schmolly Gawd….. this is some incredible set up in the woods. All great pictures. You lucky dawgs! 😉

    Note to self: Immigrate to New Hampshire ASAP.

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  7. ‘This place… rocks‘ … *groan* 🙂

    Have just tried to verify the existence of a place actually called ‘Middle of Nowhere’. I found a couple of links suggesting that the location was ‘access denied’, so it’s entirely possible it’s a Blue Book site or other gub’mint-sponsored Restricted Area. (Did you see any suspicious aerial activity — or maybe the odd zombie or nine?)

    The best evidence I can offer that you are terminally deluded (well, other than what I already know about you) is Google Maps telling me ‘Your search for middle of nowhere near Epping, NH 03042, USA did not match any locations.’

    I’m also intrigued by the fact that the granite in the area appears to leach all the colour from the environs. Most peculiar, and the place (whatever its actual name) is clearly most definitely worth a visit just for the reproduction Wizard of Oz flashback experience.

    On the other matter, I would love to be enlightened as to the humour in the sign. My guess is it has something to do with either the word ‘monadnock‘, though I cannot imagine what; or the suggestion that the fare on offer is made from liquified people and/or pets (shades of Sweeney Todd or perhaps Soylent Green).

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