A Word About Search Engine Terms

Wordy Wednesday

So, if you have a WordPress blog, you know that when you go to look at your stats, if you scroll down a little bit, you can see the search terms people used that directed them to your site. As you probably also know, I have a morbid fascination with the stats page, and with the search terms in particular, which occasionally surfaces in random posts like this one.

I can’t really figure out how most of you got here, because I don’t ever see many search terms listed. Half the time if there were any, WordPress doesn’t see fit to print them, which leads me to ask what are you people searching on the internet? And also how are those things landing you at my blog?

Even when WordPress lets me in on the words searched, I often find myself asking the same questions, because so frequently not only do I have no idea how the combination of words led to my blog, but I also don’t even know what they mean.

See what I mean? I don't know what that means.

Case in point.

Also, when I take those search terms and sort of hesitantly insert them into my browser, That’s a Jenn Story rarely if ever shows up.

Have any of you plumbed the depths of the mystery that is WordPress stats? Would you care to enlighten the rest of us?


24 thoughts on “A Word About Search Engine Terms

  1. I’m afraid I tell this story every time, but at one point, I had some one coming in on the phrase ‘ugly people eating carrots’. Of course I checked that, and lo and behold, there it was on the fifth page of Google Images: a picture of me eating a carrot, that I had indeed used on my blog. I shared the story on Facebook and got a few more hits, but then the picture faded from the results. I tried it now, but the picture doesn’t show up in the results, even though it is on my blog. Most people find me using the term ‘Missouri stereotypes’, which I feel is a pretty neat way of SEO working out. I realize I did not answer your question in any way, but I don’t have any idea either.

  2. All I know is that I keep seeing hilarious posts based on search terms, and when I look at mine they all make sense. There are no random word groupings, no inappropriate things, no NSFW material, just “matticus,” “dj,” “kingdom,” and things related to specific posts I’ve published. Boring! Where’s my random humor post muse?!?!

  3. I don’t get a lot of searches, but when I do – boy are they some crazy things! (and I don’t even use tags) I do see some of those Unknown terms and I always wonder what were they searching for? No. Idea.

  4. This probably the most interesting list of comments I have ever seen! When I care to look, I have only seen searches relating to my posts and pages. What bugs me is that on my first blog, “The Mystical Mansion and Garden”, which I have had since 2009, I can get an average of 200 views per day with NO comments or “Likes” most of the time. With my newer blog, “The Belmont Rooster”, I get a lot of comments and Likes. I guess I am dealing with a whole new set of readers and and they are AWESOME… Kind of like family now!

    • I love that. But you’re fortunate to get that many views–I don’t think I’ve exceeded two hundred views in about a year–and that was a fluke!

      I’m glad you’re feeling the “familyness” of this whole blogging project, now, though.

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