Trees in the Pavement by Jennifer Anne Grosser

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Once again, a self-promotional reblog of someone else. Dina Ross writes excellent book reviews–as I thought before she reviewed Trees in the Pavement–but now she has reviewed Trees in the Pavement and I couldn’t be happier. I was probably as uncertain about how she would handle the Christian element in the book, as she was, but I think it sounds like we both ended up pleased. Check out this review. Then follow her blog so you can see what else she has to say about what other people have to say.

[If anyone else would like to review this book on their blog, please let me know and I can arrange a copy for you.]

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Trees in the Pavement by Jennifer Anne Grosser      Christian Focus Publications, via Amazon $7.99 (US)


I was delighted when fellow blogger Jennifer Anne Grosser asked me to review her book, Trees in the Pavement. However, when I began reading, I was concerned as to whether I was the right person to write about it. The book – which is aimed at children and young adults – is published by Christian Focus Publications, an organisation which is obviously keen to promote the Christian message throughout the world.  Jenn is the daughter of pastor/missionaries and has herself worked with refugees. Although she has no religious axe to grind, it’s clear her  themes revolve around finding meaning through physical, spiritual or philosophical displacement.

Now, my religious views are my business and we are all entitled to our own beliefs; so I decided that I would only review Trees in…

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