Note From The Doldrums – Monday, Monday.

The Tuesday Reblog

So it isn’t properly (or even improperly) Monday anymore, and I did actually manage a post yesterday, but the lovely Jill London captured exactly how I’ve been feeling about blogging lately, so much that I’m just going to reblog what she said, rather than restating it myself.

Jill London

My poor old blog is looking so sorry for itself of late. Posting has ceased to be fun and suddenly everything looks dingy and miserable. Oh dear, I’m in the doldrums. I’m feeling in fine Eeyore spirit, wondering when I will get back into the spirit of the thing (or if… gasp).


So it’s the same old reasons I guess, work taking up too much time, too little time writing, nobody descending from the heavens to tell me my writing is worthwhile after all and offering that hallowed book deal. Ha! Welcome to Planet Earth sucker! LOL. Funny how difficult it is to raise your mood sometimes, isn’t it? All those words of writing encouragement you read about just seem like so much magical thinking but you plod on anyhow, submitting your work, waiting to hear back from editors, scribbling yet more stuff at every opportunity to submit all…

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