Summer Vacation with Kids, in 6 Words

Wordy Wednesday?

This wasn’t going to be today’s post, but I don’t remember what today’s post was going to be, and this one’s wordy all right. It’s an offering from the Coach Daddy over at Coach Daddy blog, and I have six words in it. See if you can find them!


I looked up, and it was over.

6 words graphicNo, not the Colorado Rockies’ postseason chances, although those are gone now, too. I mean, the summer. Technically, we have a few more weeks of it, but the focus has shifted from “when can we go to the pool?” to “which one is the carpool lane at school again?”

In fact, as I drove to work recently wearing shorts, I heard a report from my favorite WFAE reporter, Lisa Miller, that some kids were already back at school. Poor kids. Or, happy parents. Whatever.

(Actually, check out the story … it’s really good).

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6 thoughts on “Summer Vacation with Kids, in 6 Words

  1. I found them , still thinking of my 6 words. ” sadly,It’s almost over, “is only 5. Or. ” where did summer go? Is only 4

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