Trees in the Pavement, a children’s novella by Jennifer Anne Grosser

The Tuesday Reblog

Within the last three weeks, a new blog, First Chapters, has been launched. There you can read the first three to four chapters of a book for free. You should totally check out the site–who knows what treasures you could stumble upon? The genres run the gamut, from Classic to Contemporary Fiction, from Poetry to Short Stories, from . . . well, like I said, the gamut. The Gamut. Also, last week they featured chapters from Trees in the Pavement. They’re still there. And now here. Please check them out. Mwah!

First Chapters


They were cutting the branches off the trees again. 
When Zari first arrived in East London, she had wondered about the trees. She had never seen any fields and farms in London, like there were at home in Kosovo. But there were more trees. Or at least you noticed them here. In Kosovo, there were entire forests, but no one thought about them because they were, well, just there. 
In London, the trees look uncomfortable growing out of the pavement – as if they were refugees in a foreign country, too. 
Zari’s story takes you from the fighting in Kosovo to the concrete streets of the city of London – but there is conflict here too. You can’t leave problems behind just because you leave your country as a refugee in the back of a lorry full of cheese! Making friends is a minefield in itself – and the…

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