Saturday Snippets

Has anybody else seen these cars?

I don't mean Rolls Royces. I mean cars with this matte finish.

I don’t mean Rolls Royces. I mean cars with this matte finish.

The other day my Paul and I were riding around in Our Fair City and some rather larger vehicle–a Hummer or something–drove by looking like this. My Paul said it looked like someone had been paving their driveway and just paved right over the car. He was not wrong. However, I was pretty sure that was not what had happened, because . . . well, who does that? . . . but also because I had just seen another car like that a few days before. I saw one earlier this week as well. And a few years ago there were one or two cars tootling around Our Fair City sporting this same look in grey. (Clearly a statement is being made, and probably the people trying to make it don’t appreciate my description of their cars as “tootling.” But I’m not revising.)

It’s obvious this is an encroaching fad–kind of like spinner hubs a few years ago–and fads will come and go, but the thing that worries me is that in Our Fair City, they don’t usually go. See Mullet and Pants-on-the-Ground, for example.


It’s supposed to be business in front and party in the back, but this guy’s all party, I’m pretty sure.


4 thoughts on “Fads

  1. As a former bearer of a mullet, I must make my standard protest that their is something anachronistic about mullet-bashing. We didn’t realize they were stupid at the time. O.K. Maybe most everybody else did. But still, nobody ever told me.

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