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Family Friday

Tiki TorchDon’t tell anyone, but I think I might be getting as tired of talking about my birthday as you are getting of reading about it. It’s just that the festivities were so lovely and so long-lived that I feel as if I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to the other people along with my Paul who helped me celebrate.

The day after the outing to the Brimfield Antiques Fair was a Sunday, and technically no real birthday celebrating happened. However, my friend the Mag-nificent (her name’s Maggie, see) has a birthday the day after mine, and Sunday evening she had some women from our church’s Women’s Bible Study group over for dinner. It was very hot outside, but we sat in her screen porch with fans blowing at us and with appetizers and glasses of wine, and then her husband came home and grilled kebabs for us, and it was very relaxed and civilised-feeling. It’s amazing how easy it is to make yourself feel like the rich and famous (of the 1940’s maybe) even when you’re not. It also felt like we were actually secretly celebrating the Mag-nificent’s and my birthdays at the same time.

The next two days I had requested as vacation days, and it turned out to be a good thing, because there was a lot to do on Monday to get ready for our guests who were arriving at 5. Girl-Talk Friend, Star-becca and The Item showed up first, and then later my new seminary-best-friend (whose blog nickname is still percolating) and her husband. We went swimming off the boat in the middle of the pond, and the pond felt like a bath it was so hot outside, but still managed to be a little bit refreshing once one got out. Then we came back to shore and my Paul (who, let it be said, is one of the best hosts I’ve ever known, and I’m not even biased. Okay, maybe I am) grilled like crazy–both salmon and ribs–and we took our plates down to the chairs at the water’s edge and ate and talked.

By the time we had finished eating, the sun was setting. Everyone got back on the pontoon. We’ve made a delightful kitchiness out of our boat, wrapping the railing in coloured Christmas lights and clamping two tiki torches to the front, so we lit all those things and our guests oohed and ahhed and laughed and crowed over the “party boat.” Back in the middle of the pond, we ate dessert and talked some more until the mosquitos started ignoring the tiki torches and our farthest flung guests decided they needed to start heading back. There were some gifts, but like I’ve said before, I’m not a “stuff girl.” I just love celebrating with people I care about. The friendship and the memories for later are the gifts.



Lights at sunset

Lights at sunset


The next day, my Paul and I drove to Boston and walked along the Harbour to the North End (Little Italy). There we bought packets of leaf tea, which was unexpected, and pizza, which was more expected and also delicious. After that we came back home, cleaned up (did I mention it was very hot?) and went to my parents’ for another civilised dinner.

I feel more than sufficiently celebrated, and very loved, and I’m grateful. All these people are family, really. Thanks, Family.

Sunset cruises on the Pond almost every night. Even for unbirthdays.

Sunset cruises on the Pond almost every night. Even for unbirthdays.


8 thoughts on “Wrap It Up

  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding about carrying the celebration on. That sounds quite lovely and I am envious of the sunset cruises! 🙂 For my Birthday I bought my wife a new (to us, 2004) van which, I suppose doesn’t sound quite like a traditional birthday, however, the van was a 1997 with almost 200,000 miles on it and many things broken including wipers and AC. so in a roundabout way it was a gift to me feeling more secure about her and the children’s safety while driving the highways and byways.

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