The Saga Continues

Family Friday

Today I painted the doors. Piece of cake. Unlike the bathroom, which I painted last weekend. They also look nice (except the last one, which I rushed and will have to touch up the next time I use that colour). Unlike the bathroom at first.

Last weekend, as you know, when extended included the Fourth of July. On the Fourth of July, my Paul and the dogs and I made an expedition to a more westerly part of New England where, we discovered, there are waterfalls at the bottom of which one can swim.

All the photos from that day are pretty much the same, really. In this one you get to see the back of my head.

All the photos from that day are pretty much the same, really. In this one you get to see the back of my head.

Apart from the moment when I slipped on wet rock and landed on both knees and one elbow (on account of carrying Oscar, for reasons about which I am still unclear, but that’s a Jenn story), it was a delightful, carefree day. Hot, but carefree. I think we thought about going to see some fireworks when we got home, but even that seemed like too much of an agenda for the day, and besides, it was cooler in the house then outside, so we just stayed home.

But then Friday and Saturday happened. As you may recall, I had already painted the bathroom trim–fortunately for my subsequent sanity. I put on my now indelibly painted paint clothes and went into the cellar to get the gallon of pale blue paint we had purchased. I was excited. Up until this point, all of our bathroom accents kept to a basic blue-and-white, slightly nautical theme, but the walls (which had been painted before my Paul bought the place) were a very yellow-toned off-white.

Usually it never looked QUITE like this, but I wanted you to see the walls.

Usually it never looked QUITE like this, but I wanted you to see the walls. Sorry about the waste-basket.

I moved all the furniture around again from having moved it back to where it belonged after painting the trim, since Cousin Elizabeth was coming that other week, and we still have to live here and stuff. Then I opened the can of very very pale blue paint which looked white in  there, poured some into a paint tray, and dipped in my edging brush. The edging took a long time, but fortunately because of the last time I had tried painting, I was now prepared for this, so it didn’t phase me in the slightest.

What phased me was what happened when I got the roller out and started painting the regular walls. Who knew that Pale Yellow trumps Pale Blue in the colour dominance competition? If you decide to change up Rock-Paper-Scissors by somehow using colours, just keep that in mind, okay?

I like to tell people our bathroom is like one in a hotel, because the toilet and shower are in one room, and the sink is in the other. I figured we were going to need the toilet/shower room more rapidly than the sink one, so that was where I focused my energies first. I got all the walls painted and they were drying kind of patchily, as they do. Then I noticed that there were some bare-ish spots. So I painted them again. Then I realised that throughout the entire room, on every wall, the pale yellow was peeking through the pale blue. So I repainted the room. Then I repainted it again just in case. Then my Paul went in there and said, “It’s weird, because it almost doesn’t look blue.”

“I think it’s the lighting,” I said. “If you face one way it looks almost white, but the other direction it looks blue.”

“That’s true,” he agreed. “And over there it almost looks like the yellow’s showing through.”

“Seriously??” I looked. It sure did. Because it sure was. I painted the walls again. Then Paul said, “It’s showing through the edges, too.”

Ugh! Edges! I repainted the edges. The sink room didn’t even get started until Saturday.

I repainted the toilet/shower room one more time on Saturday, and then focused my energy on the sink room . . . and ran out of paint. By the time I ran out of paint, I had already put two coats on the walls in that room, and was kind of hoping I had done a better job so maybe I didn’t have to run out and get some more, but the general consensus was . . . that I had to run out and get more.

At this point I was completely infuriated with the paint. Who makes paint that you have to apply to an already painted wall where the base colour is the same intensity as the new colour, and you have to paint the new colour five or six times? I didn’t want them to get any more of my money, but I also didn’t want my wall to be a washed out impressionist painting of the Swedish flag–even though part of my heritage is Swedish and I think they have a very lovely flag. I decided I was only going to buy a quart–because our tiny bathroom, two rooms or not, definitely should not have needed more than a gallon of paint–and when the quart was done, so was I. And so it was.

I continued to see phantom yellow for about two days afterwards, and the curtains aren’t back in the window or anything, but in the end it turned out kind of nice, don’t you think?

Painted Bathroom P1030138


9 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. I like it… maybe you could put some yellow accents in there and then if anyone notices yellow showing through= you can be like, oh that’s the accents casting shadows. 🙂

  2. O dear, that’s got to be super frustrating. We just bought a house, so I see a lot of painting days coming up. I’ll just suggest to use black for everything. That way I just need one coating.

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