Hey, What’s Up?

Wordy Wednesday

Or: Some Words for Wednesday . . .

I know. I’ve been totally slacking off. But I was fresh out of Theology last Thursday and then I went to the camp in Boondocks, New England, with the Youth Group and then I got home and immediately started washing walls ceiling and trim so I can pain my house and now I’m actually painting it and . . . that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

You’d think I’d actually have time to blog when I’m on vacation.

Yep. This is vacation.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten you, but most of this week my computer’s been buried under the debris we call “art” and “knick knacks.” I’ll be back next week . . . just in time for the Nationalest of National Holidays . . .

photo by Jennwith2ns 2013

What I’m doing on my summer vacation


12 thoughts on “Hey, What’s Up?

  1. Aren’t we all like this? I mean women! If we take vacation, we clean the house before and after. Sometimes something hit me in the head and like you I begin painting something. Actually in my case was the kitchen. I’ve done it three times in a row. The first one I didn’t like; the second one was awful, and the third time I hired a professional. Here You go…

    • Actually, I’m usually pretty “disciplined” about actually vacationing on vacation… I don’t think I’ve ever spent a vacation like this in my life! (And I hope I never do again. 🙂 )

      The kitchen 3 times?? Ugh! I’d better like it this go-round, cuz I’m done after this!

  2. “…so I can pain my house” – a Freudian slip perhaps? (Who wants to spend their vacation cleaning and painting the house?!)

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