Avoidance Tactics

Family Friday
Next Spiritual Formation class will meet in Room Number "Pontoon."

Next Spiritual Formation class will meet in Room Number “Pontoon.”

Yesterday I had my Spiritual Formation class over for a cook-out and a ride on the pontoon for our last day of class. My Paul says such an action could be construed as trying to positively manipulate my final grade, but if I were going to do that, it should have been for my other class, I think, not this one, and anyway, none of my guests seemed to construe it as such. I just figured it was a small group of people, we had just completed an entire term of sharing some pretty personal stuff, so now we kind of felt like family and it would be a nice personal way to celebrate what we had, for lack of a better term, “been through” together. Also, one of my classmates and I still had to share our respective “Life Maps”–the end result of all the journaling and “chaptering” and “hinging” we’d been doing for months. I thought it would be cool to share them on the boat, and apparently I was right, because after sharing his, my classmate said, “I think every spiritual formation class should meet outdoors, on a pontoon, on a pond!”

My presentation didn’t go so well, although the end results were pretty good–but stranger than fiction. (If they actually were fiction, they wouldn’t be stranger than some fiction, but since they’re not, they are. If you know what I’m saying.) I’m still trying to decide if or how much of that I want to share with my seminary family, so I’m even less sure about if or how much or how to share it with my blog family, and that is why for now I’m going to avoid the issue completely and say:

I made a pretty awesome potato salad yesterday.

[There was going to be a photo of potato salad here but none of the images on the internet look as good as the potato salad I made yesterday, and that one has already been eaten in its entirety because that’s how good it was and therefore I can’t photograph it, so instead just use your imagination. The caption was going to say:]

I never feel certain potato salad really deserves the “salad” designation. I think it should instead be called, “Fancy Yummy Cold Potatoes.”


8 thoughts on “Avoidance Tactics

  1. While I respect any decisions you make on what you do and do not share on a blog that is entirely your own, I’m not sure how I feel that the one thing you are willing to share is now a product of my imagination. How amazing that your salad was served by unicorns. On a pontoon.

  2. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your potato salad Jenn. The photograph doesn’t matter. By the way “I was trying to speak the language of my Readership for greater understanding” is greatly appreciated. 😉 xox

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