A Break from the Break

Family Friday
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So there’s this little part of me that is enjoying my vacation from blogging and wonders if a retirement would be more in order–simply because people are still subscribing and I’m not even writing anything!

Then I realise I should stop being a crappy hostess and say, “Hey guys! Welcome to the Jenn stories! Have I got a story for you!”

And, I have. I have a story about experimenting with forsythia and the question regarding whether the flowers are actually edible or not. I have a story about my new, tumultuous relationship with our kayak, and one about this ridiculous workout you might have heard of, appropriately called Insanity, and lots of stories about a bunch of interesting Christians from Long Ago and Far Away about whom I’ve been learning.

On the other hand, I’m still having trouble keeping up with all my seminary-related projects, and if I were blogging I’d be completely incapable of the other stuff. So I’ll make you a deal. When classes are over for the term I’ll be back–on schedule and everything else. In the meantime, when I have a minute, I’ll post stuff I’ve written for class, or stuff I wrote Long Ago and Far Away, myself. At some point I’m going to take down the “Stories Evaluated by a Third Party” page and post those papers as individual posts, and create a new page for assorted blog awards, so maybe that will happen during this end-of-term crunch. Or maybe it won’t. But I will be back. I kind of already am.

I guess I don’t really know how that’s a “deal,” exactly. I mean, I don’t know what your end of it is . . . except maybe it’s that you’ll come back, too. The real reason for me to keep blogging, I guess, is that I kind of miss you guys . . .