Boston Marathon Tragedy

The Tuesday Reblog (2)

Here’s the second Boston reblog for the day. I kind of want to call yesterday’s events The Second Boston Massacre . . . I think it fits. Maybe even better than the first time.

God, help us.


It is with sadness that I watch as, what appears to be another terrorist attack spreads injury, death and fear into the hearts of the people here in Boston and indeed touching people all over the world.

American Flag

The death toll currently is at 2 with at least 23 injured. The sadness that I feel is first for those directly impacted by this senseless act. What bothers me deeply is the far-reaching and long-term effects this unnatural act places in the hearts and psyches of the countless multitudes. This day’s horrors will fade just as the countless horrific events of the past do. Unfortunately the long-term effects on how people feel, act, and do will change in varying levels of intensity… probably for the rest of their lives.

Personally my faith is a place where I grab hold of… all the more tightly as these events unfold and my thoughts and…

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4 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Tragedy

  1. Perhaps “Boston Massacre” is a better fit. Thank you for re-blogging this. It was affirming for me that perhaps what I was feeling resonated with others.

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