Sleepy Saturday

Saturday Snippets
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Coffee made from this thing is crazy-good. (Photo from

I don’t really have anything interesting to say. My Paul and I were supposed to get ourselves outdoors to do yardwork, and he is, in fact, right this second unloading sand from the back of the truck. However, sporadic sunbursts notwithstanding, it’s been largely cloudier and chillier than we were expecting, and so we haven’t been highly energetic or motivated.

We had scrambled eggs for breakfast.

We did some minor grocery shopping.

We bought some peat moss and potting soil.

We stopped at the newly renovated Starbucks in town to get coffee from their brand new Clover®. They had Ethiopian sundried Sidamo. True truth: Ethiopian coffee is the best there is.

We had lunch.

We lazed around.

I wrote Monday’s memory. My Paul laughed his head off at his kindred spirits on internet bulletin boards.

I had to work last Saturday, and have to work the next three, so I guess I don’t feel so bad about not being terribly productive today. Sometimes you have to store up rest like a chipmunk stores food in winter, in preparation for what’s to come.


10 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. In my neck of the woods, Starbucks is OKAY, but the real deal is Carribou Coffee. Is that how you spell “carribou”? No spell-check on comments, eh, WordPress? Anywho, I’m still down for Ethiopian coffee. I’ve had Morroccan coffee (is that how you spell “morroccan?” you let me down, WordPress) and it was in-WAITFORIT!-credible.

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