Not All Dreams Are Deep

Family Friday

I am currently taking a Spiritual Formation class at seminary, and among many other activities, we have to keep a journal. I’ve been keeping one of those since I was thirteen, which was so long ago I can scarcely remember it, but this journaling is a bit mores specific. We have to write in categories, kind of like this blog, I guess, including recording any dreams that we remember.

As you will know if you’ve been here for even a couple of weeks, I tend to have frequent vivid dreams, although there have been fewer of them since I got married. My Paul has lots of these as well, so maybe my subconscious doesn’t feel the need to log them as much or something. Anyway, after being told that we needed to try to record dreams because sometimes God communicates to us through them, I finally remembered a dream. I’m not so sure, however, that God was really telling me something. It was more like an abstract cartoon of some regular-life facts. Here are the regular-life facts:

1. Because of The Cold Shoulder, I am now the patient of a Chiropractor. This particular Chiropractor is the husband of my friend, Mom-Elizabeth. They have two sons.

2. Mom-Elizabeth and the Chiropractor’s younger son is named Nick. He loves my dog Oscar. A lot.

3. Today I had to take Oscar to the vet for his annual checkup. I also had an appointment with the Chiropractor. The two offices are across the street from each other.

Even though I am skeptical about the value of this dream, it’s the only one I’ve really remembered since this one, so, as enjoined, I journaled it. This is what I said about it:

In the dream, I was attempting to go to these two appointments, but, as in all my dreams, I was inexplicably running late, and maybe I got a little lost, and then I think I ended up in some waiting room that wasn’t either of the two places. Or maybe it was at the Chiropractor’s office, but–also typically for my dreams, it didn’t look anything like the Chiropractor’s office, and when I told some identity-less person in the dream that I needed to get to the vet’s across the street and we looked out the door so I could show them, we were in the middle of the woods instead of the middle of Their Town and the vet’s was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, instead of leaving Oscar in the car while I had my back cracked as I intended to do in real life, I had brought him inside and he was wandering around, surreptitiously peeing and pooping everywhere. It was mad disgusting. So I got up and started trying to clean up the mess. At which point, Oscar suddenly morphed into the Chiropractor’s son, who was also intent on peeing everywhere. (Note: I have never known this kid to behave like this in real life.)

I don’t know where the Chiropractor was at this point (or for most of the dream, really, though I do think he made a cameo somewhere near the beginning). I would be tempted also to wonder how he didn’t know his son was a shapeshifter who was also my dog. But, then again, I was quite surprised to discover my dog was a shapeshifter who was also his son so . . . there we are.

Anyway, the Chiropractor was nowhere to be found and his son was about ready to pee on something again, and I had to physically push him toward the restrooms, while chiding him with my best Youth Group Leader chide. For some reason, both individual-use restrooms were occupied . . . by more than one person. And then the dream faded out. Or shapeshifted itself into another one, which I don’t remember as well . . .

All you dream-catchers can have fun with this one. In the meantime, I can say that I made it to both appointments this morning, although I was indeed late. All the offices were where they were supposed to be and looked as they should, and Oscar stayed Oscar.

This guy.

This guy.


6 thoughts on “Not All Dreams Are Deep

  1. I had a dream yesterday during my nap.
    I was testing some sort of remote control race car. Pete (my husband) was judging me on my driving, but some loud cranky guy kept yelling when I bumped into things (possibly the owner of the house?) and seemed to think Pete was being too lenient with me. An old high school friend started judging instead, but he clearly was not familiar with racing/remote control car terms and was using lawyer terms instead (this friend is a lawyer). Then, there was a scene change and I was out in the snow trying to drive the car on a highway in a snowstorm. I had to drive the car by pushing a button on top. I quickly realized that riding on it was not working, as it was about 6 inches long. I got off the road when a car was coming (carrying the little blue car I’d been trying to ride), and then took a turn to go up a steep incline. I made the car go again, but it didn’t go far or fast up the steep road in the snow, so after another button push I figured I might as well carry it.
    And then I was awakened.

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